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Aside from book shelves and carts, furniture is one of the most common fixtures used in libraries. Library chairs and tables provide students with a place to sit comfortably as they read up on specific topics or work on homework assignments. Our selection of library seating as well as our variety of coffee, end, and conference tables is sure to have the furniture you need. Shop different finishes and colors to find the perfect match for your library's decor. Service desks are a little different than the other furniture, but they give librarians the ideal workspace for checking in returned books, issuing borrower cards, and collecting overdue fees.

The smallest libraries consist of just one room, while some of the largest span multiple stories and feature thousands of square feet. In either case, signage is extremely important. Labeling different sections, like non-fiction, classics, or sci-fi/fantasy, is much easier with the right library signs. We carry everything from acrylic shelf labels with simple slide-in designs to customizable wall signs that include print-your-own graphics. Hanging signs are also available and are great for labeling rows and sections. Printed banners provide yet another way to engage library visitors. These customizable graphics can be ordered with retractable and non-retracting stands as well as with simple grommets for use on the wall. We also offer library sign frames and poster displays in a full selection of sizes. Choose from several different materials, finishes, and loading styles to find the frame that suits your message best. Library bulletin boards provide yet another way to communicate information. Open-face and enclosed cork boards are some of the most effective ways to share announcements in media centers because the community is already established.

While bookcases and book shelves are the most common way to display information in a library, there are some other options too. Freestanding literature racks that rotate are great for showcasing special collections. Wall mounted magazine racks will make quick work of displaying subscription-based publications and periodicals. Brochure holders, literature organizers, and business card dispensers also come in handy in library settings when additional literature must be stored or distributed. Some libraries even have museum or art exhibit areas. For these applications, we recommend our collection of book display cases. Our museum display cabinets include table and pedestal designs as well as wall and countertop configurations. Showcasing valuable books and artifacts has never been easier. You can even buy library display cases that feature lighting to present first editions and other collectibles.

As discussed earlier, the advancement of information technology and its influence on libraries is well-known. Computer monitor mounts for desktops are some of our most popular multimedia displays. We also carry similar TV brackets that attach to library desks, walls, or ceilings. These library tv stands and mounts are perfect for computer terminals, especially now that most locations feature flat screen monitors. If you're looking for something a little more robust, you might consider a rolling TV stand. The mobility and ease of use are just a couple reasons that these displays are so popular in media centers.

Many libraries require additional displays to help keep modern tech neatly organized and highly functional. Library AV carts can be purchased with and without flat screen mounting brackets. They are also available with open shelves or enclosed cabinets, so librarians can choose exactly the right design for their needs. If your location allows for the shared use of handheld computers like tablets, then check out our tablet storage and charging carts. These ventilated cabinets feature built-in power strips and easy-rolling wheels, so many tablet computers can be stored, charged, and distributed as needed. Projector stands and screens as well as sound systems are also in stock at Displays2go. These multimedia solutions are perfect for any archive that features video footage, recorded speeches, and stills from old newspapers.

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