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A locker room wouldn’t be a locker room without the lockers, of course! We stock all standard sizes and configurations of these locking storage compartments. Most gym lockers are constructed of durable steel, however we also carry versions in wood. These styles are ideal for kids in schools, daycares, or camps. All lockers come ready to be equipped with combination locks and are ventilated to provide airflow and prevent overheating of any electronics or food inside. Along with these personal storage compartments many facilities will include benches for patrons to sit on while they change or put on their shoes and you can find them here! These two styles of locker room furniture are the essential supplies you will see in any school, gym, or workplace changing area. Other popular furniture choices include bar stools and cushioned reception chairs or sofas. However there are many other displays needed to round out any changing area, so read on!

Locker room signs can be used to identify dressing sections or men’s and women’s restrooms, label soaps and shampoos, display safety rules, or even to provide decoration. We stock a huge selection of poster frames, wall mounting sign holders, and tabletop displays to help you turn your signage dreams into a reality. One of our most popular lines allows users to easily print graphics from your own printer, display them professionally between pieces of acrylic, and mount to the wall with stainless steel standoffs! Use these for all types of locker room signs.

Displays2go also offers a range of facility supplies such as trash cans, floor mats, janitorial carts, and hand sanitizer dispensers. The trash cans are commercial-grade and are exactly what one might expect to see in a public restroom. Our hand sanitizer dispersers come in wall mounting or floor standing versions to accommodate any space restrictions you may have. The most popular floor standing models come with poster frames attached so users can use the space to post messages or advertisements.

Lastly, browse our selection of locker room supplies and organizers. We stock dump bins for clear or dirty towels, tiered basket stands for soaps and other complimentary toiletries, and clothing racks for gym goers to hang their clothes or suits while they workout.

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