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When it comes to keeping a post room organized, clerks need to have a well-designed filing and sorting system. Our mailroom furniture, which includes everything from mail sorter boxes to sorting tables, will help workers quickly categorize postal items so they can be delivered more efficiently. Mail sorting boxes, sometimes called literature organizers, feature several cubbies that are ideal for use as employee mailboxes. These types of mailroom organizers are perfect for distributing interoffice envelopes throughout buildings and complexes with many offices. Other types of furniture are also helpful for keeping mail organized. Mailroom tables and shelving provide a central location to sort incoming or outgoing items.

So what happens after the mail has been sorted appropriately and is ready for delivery? Clerks usually employ a mailroom cart (or several carts depending on how much there is to deliver) to wheel the letters, bills, and other envelopes to their recipients. If you work in a large office building with several levels and many individual offices, mailroom carts will certainly make delivery much easier. Just imagine if you had to carry a large stack or box of mail up and down several flights of stairs. You'll be much better off using a mailroom cart and the elevator to make the deliveries, especially if you are also responsible for distributing packages.

Mailroom signs are important for not only labeling the area itself but also for identifying different sections within it. We offer a wide range of door signs and nameplates that can be customized with unique graphics and text. Mailroom door signs are great for labeling the general area, while hanging signs and acrylic sign frames are perfect for designating "incoming", "outgoing", "return", "interoffice" and "international" areas. Additionally, shelving and sorter racks can also be labeled using these post room signs.

There are usually quite a few supplies that are necessary for keeping things moving in a mailroom. Packing materials, like bubble wrap and foam peanuts, tape, stamps, envelopes, and other materials need to stay organized just like the mail, so many postmasters do so using shelving units and racks. Mailroom shelves can range for generic utility style designs to use-specific units. Take inventory of what mailroom supplies you have so you can pick the right shelves, racks, and organizers to keep your work area clean and functional.

If you notice you're running out of room on your tables and sorting areas, consider a wall filing system. These organizers hang on the wall and feature low profiles, so they can really help maximize limit space. The mailroom wall files are the perfect solution when tabletop sorting boxes are not practical. Shop wood, wire, acrylic, and other designs in a variety of pocket configurations to find the unit that best suits your mailroom needs!

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