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In a world of hallways, lockers, classrooms, and unfamiliar faces, it can be easy for junior high students to get lost in the shuffle. When teachers use middle school supplies to provide directions and create a sense of community, they are also brightening each student's day. Whether it's in the classroom during a history lesson or in the cafeteria at lunch, there is a wide range of displays teachers will need to ensure learning is happening both in and out of the classroom. One of our most popular categories of these displays includes our middle school bulletin boards! Teachers use the multi-faceted community boards to create compelling informational displays for their students. For example, educators might post inspirational quotes, lesson plans, sports tryout results, anti-bullying info, or even weekly lunch specials. With these junior high bulletin boards, the options for informing students are endless! We sell a wide variety of models for this very reason. Some of our most popular bulletin displays feature enclosed locking doors with cork board interiors, allowing teachers to prevent their postings from being tampered with. Conveniently, this style of middle school bulletin board also comes in a variety of sizes and colors!

Bulletin boards are not the only middle school classroom supplies and displays available here. For starters, check out our selection of dry erase whiteboards. These write-on boards are great for leading lessons in any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade classroom. Find whiteboards in wall-mounting or portable floor standing models, which can be great for a teacher who shares space or resources with other faculty members. Plus, you can't forget the good old fashioned chalkboard, also available here! Smart classrooms often require a multimedia podiums, projector screens, or other advanced technology. IT labs certainly have many uses for our tablet charging carts that can hold a full classroom's worth of iPads or other handheld devices.

Of course there are even more middle school displays in the classroom, like our huge line of poster holders with snap frames for quick and easy signage updates. Clear acrylic sign holders are also great for displaying fire escape routes or other important evacuation information by a room's door. This style of sign frame can also be very effective around the rest of the junior high school building for purposes like marking teacher or administration offices, restrooms, lockers, or janitorial areas. School officials can even use our wide range of middle school signs on the outside of the building for rallies, sports teams, or field days! Order custom printed feather-style flags or street pole banners to display district pride! These middle school banners are long lasting and very easy to assemble/install, but most importantly Displays2go will work with you to ensure your team's mascot looks professional and fierce! And when you bring home that trophy, make sure to display it proudly for every student to see in a hallway trophy case.

While items such as bulletin boards for middle school hallways, whiteboards for classrooms, and team flags for school exteriors are all great sellers, there are a few more essential products that learning establishments need to operate. Simple items like entrance mats and janitorial carts can be a big for keeping the building clean and orderly. In a busy public environment, hand sanitizer dispensers can be crucial in stopping the spread of viruses like the common cold or the flu! Middle school furniture like reception desks, waiting room furniture, and sit/stand desks are great for schools' front offices. Even trash and recycling bins are necessary supplies for keeping the building running smoothly. All of these facility fixtures can keep any district building in tip-top shape!

Education is an incredibly important part of any student's life, no matter the age! With the right amount of care, determination, and (of course!) displays, teachers can succeed in making a difference in these students' lives!

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