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Going to the cinemas is a truly unique experience. It's more than just the film itself: it's about creating that authentic atmosphere you can only find at the movies. The smell of newly made popcorn coming out of the popcorn machine, the light of the illuminated movie posters, and the sound of people eagerly waiting in line for their movie to start are all part of that experience. A movie theater with out-of-date supplies, equipment, and displays can kill that magical mood. Investing even a little time, money, and energy to updating your movie theater displays makes all the difference.

Signs for movie posters and promotional advertisements are a must for any movie theater lobby. Most cinema lobbies are dimly lit, requiring light boxes and other illuminated displays. Our selection of sign and poster holders ranges in sizes, colors, and styles for nearly any placement. We carry 72" wide backlit menu board for your concession stand area as well as compact table tents for notices and announcements at your ticket booth stand.

Even though some areas of your movie theater lobby are dimly lit, that doesn’t mean you get a pass on upkeeping your movie theater furniture. Your furnishings and décor shouldn’t show signs of wear. Our inventory of movie theater furniture includes tables, chairs, couches, and other fixtures that are built to last even the busiest lobbies. These movie theater furnishings help make your theater more inviting and welcoming for customers looking to socialize before or after the film.

Digital signage is fast becoming a must-have theater supply product. Megaplexes adorn their walls with television screens that preview movie trailers for upcoming films and promote specials. Even smaller cinemas use digital display equipment to advertise concessions and ticket promotions. They can also be used to display concession stand menu items. With digital signage, you can change your movie theater advertisements. No more waiting for new signs to ship in or handwritten advertisements that look unprofessional.

Stanchions and other crowd control equipment are another must-have for many theaters, especially large establishments like megaplexes and multiplexes. Cinemas have traditionally used the posts and ropes style. Metal posts with velvet ropes are perfect for theaters with a more vintage and classic décor and design. If a cinema requires a crowd control system with more flexibility, stanchions with retractable belts are also available. Some are even customizable with personalized belts or fillable posts which are great for displaying candy and other fun snacks.

Speaking of snacks, your cinema concession stand needs to have displays and signs that compel customers to buy your tasty treats. Use movie theater display cases to showcase your snacks while keeping it safe and secure from theft. These cases are also available in lightbox styles for maximum visibility in low light areas. Make a movie theater candy display with one of our countertop holders to hold smaller items like, pops, cones, and more. Design eye-popping signs and graphics to advertise specials and pull your audience from the box office to the concession stand. Keeping your concession area clean and clutter-free is critical, especially during busy weekend nights. Browse our inventory of movie theater snack racks, candy bins, food displays, cup and paper good organizers, and more to your business running smoothly.

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