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In a competitive industry like pet boarding or dog grooming, it's important that the client receives a confident first impression of the business. A custom, outdoor kennel sign advertises 24/7 to passerbys, and will assist customers in locating the storefront. A durable A-frame sidewalk sign or a custom pet groomer flag can advertise promotions or display the logo. A simple, yet timeless "Open" flag announces to the customers that they are free to bring their pup by for a quick trim. Browse our boarding kennel signage for stock options or custom print a doggie daycare display with your own classic design for a lasting branding effect and a beautified facade.

Once the client enters the building they need to be kept comfortable while they wait for their pet to be retrieved from the kennel or for their grooming to be finished. Additional promotions and branding can be delivered during this time through custom pet grooming business cards, brochures and pamphlets. Attractive, adjustable, revolving literature holders can hold this information along with magazines and newspapers to entertain the clients while their canine companion is finishing up. Browse our selection of waiting room chairs and coffee tables, and pair together your favorite furniture with pamphlet holders for a classy, matching layout.

Behind the scenes dog kennels and pet groomers need a variety of equipment to keep the business organized, clean and fully functioning. Most important is to keep the residents of the kennel well fed! A large, easy-to-clean countertop pet food jar is perfect for keeping treats and snacks to reward puppies for their good behavior, or even for storing chewtoys or catnip. Try using a rolling 12 gallon pet food bin to store large amounts of dry food. The container is dishwasher safe, NSF approved for freshness, and can easily be wheeled in and out of storage or to separate crates/bowls. A dog grooming cart can help kennels or groomers transport pet supplies such as food, dog clippers, litter boxes, toys, medication, water dishes and dog beds. Industrial-sized pet waste receptacles and hand sanitation stands make large-scale cleanup challenges a cinch and help keep the operation healthy and germ-free. Custom-printed long lasting acrylic signs denote areas of importance or warning signs to mark off areas patrons should be cautious entering.

Pet kennels and groomers also need various pieces of office equipment to organize and streamline their hectic workdays. Just as office workers need ergonomic chairs and workstation solutions, groomers need a well cushioned, adequately supportive, 360 degree swivel grooming stool for long sessions. A kennel whiteboard, or dry erase board, is a reliable animal managment system that can record appointments, reminders and notes on an easy grab-and-go magnetic surface. Our laptop stands and mobile workstations are space-saving solutions for a high-tech pet grooming office.

It is a good idea to add an extra value proposition on the client's way out of the shop. One way many pet groomers accomplish this is by taking portraits of the freshly groomed dog or cat for an everlasting memory. Browse our wide selection of pet photo frames to buy at wholesale prices and offer the client a portrait package for themselves or to hand out to their friends. This is especially important when the pooch gets a funky new hairstyle! Another idea would be to sell toys or pet grooming products at the register, such as groomer kits, shampoo, or spray. Check out our point of sale display shelves and bins, which neatly organize these poducts in a presentable manner and are sure to make tails wag.

With Displays2go's large catalog and selection of products, you're certain to fill in the missing pieces to your pet grooming or kennel business that you cannot find at a traditional pet supplies store. The possibilities are endless, take a look around today!

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