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Building a roadshow exhibition, whether it's to display antiques, memorabilia, or to present information about financial securities, requires some basic elements. Tables help to display merchandise and artifacts, as well as provide room to deploy literature and sign-up pamphlets. Custom graphic, color imprinted tablecloths and stretch throws are a sharp looking way to unify the exhibition and visually brand the roadshow space. Choose from long tables and roadshow counters and select a combination to arrange merchandise, literature and signage. Add a portable podium and customize it with a graphic logo to represent your financial firm, insurance agency or tech company. Many times, speeches or presentations are delivered at road shows, and a podium assists the orator and reinforces the professionalism of the company's presence at the event. Behind the primary booth space there should be a backdrop, ideally with a printed graphic banner, and roadshow lighting for detail and atmosphere. Pop up one of these display stands and outfit it with a motto or inspirational message that deepens the communication between presenter and attendees.

A roadshow exhibit may employ touchscreen monitors or TVs, perhaps to display instructional videos, historical shorts or even for sign ups into a program. A collapsible truss monitor stand system is a go-to piece of hardware for many road show managers. These truss stands break down into a pocketed carrying bag for easy storage and pack-up. Lightweight, yet tall and able to hold large monitors, they tower over the exhibition so the attendees cannot miss the video presentation. Additionally, tablet floor stands and kiosks allow participants to sign up for more information, navigate through an interactive application, or watch a video presentation up close. Choose a TV stand with wheels for easy mobility and painless exhibition setup.

Outdoor events require a different approach to the display setups. A roadshow tent protects merchandise, displays and most importantly you, from sunshine and rain! Set up a roadshow tent with a custom graphic printed to attract passersby and lasting branding effects on the attendees. A 10 x 10 outdoor canopy shields the sun and can keep long tables with display cases filled with antiques and other merchandise in the shade. Set it up in less than 10 minutes and easily pack it into the truck or trailer to take to the next show. Add a giant flagpole to your exhibit for impressive roadshow signage. A 17 foot event flag remains stable in high wind and acts as a landmark for attendees to locate your exhibition and circle back to it if necessary. Differentiate your exhibition's signage from other roadshow managers by using a mixture of event flags, pop-up A frame banner signs, and sideline banners. All of these solutions are sure to breathe life into your outdoor road show exhibit.

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