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Whether you're opening a new smoke shop or just in need of updates, Displays2go has you covered on all fronts - retail furniture, merchandise display cases, custom flags and banners are all the part of what will make your tobacco products stand out! Because smoke shops are filled with valuable (and often breakable) items, having secure display cabinets and cases is of utmost importance. Choose from our line of smoke shop display cases with locking doors, lighted interiors and various shelving options to perfectly highlight your latest accessories and products, like rolling papers, cigars, loose tobacco, pipes and more! In addition to cases, we have a large variety of pedestal stands that can hold or display all your smoke shop supplies. Match the colors to your exisiting decor or choose from our stands with custom printed fronts, complete with your artwork or logo.

Smoke shop displays can be hard to see, particularly in low light settings or rooms. Remedy the problem by investing in one of our dozens of LED frames or lightboxes. Adding a lighted backdrop to your prices, product descriptions or services is the perfect way to draw attention without having to rely on bright lights or windows. Maintaining an ambience that is condusive to your customer base is vital but so is providing your guests with the information they need before checkout or purchase.

If you happen to have more expensive smoke shop displays, you may want to consider adding a V.I.P section to your store. We carry a large line of crowd control systems, available in a variety of colors, that are the perfect way to mark special sections or stop people from touching expensive products. Never settle for less than the most elegant when you're adding any kind of line system into your store - choose plush red ropes with gold stanchions to add to your decor.

Every successful business owner knows that advertising is a must - which is why we strive to offer the best options for outdoor and indoor signage. Smoke shop signs may be as simple as acrylic frames with understated standoffs or a custom printed banner flag outside to attract customers to your locations. Regardless of your signage needs, make the most of our sidewalk sign, chalkboard A-frame signs and a host of electronic "Open" signs.

In addition to signage and displays, being fully outfitted for fairs, conventions and expos can greatly benefit any smoke shop. We have custom printed table cloths, banners, trade show booths and truss systems that can be perfectly matched to your logo or other artwork. Before taking your smoke shop on the road, look to Displays2go for all your trade show needs!

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