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When shopping for startup furniture, many office managers start with choosing the desks. After all, it's usually where employees will be when producing most of their work. In today's world, a standard stationary table doesn't cut it as a startup desk anymore. Long hours at a computer are improved by an adjustable height workstation so the employee can choose to sit or stand while working. An electric sit or stand desk has programmable memory settings to adjust to the perfect height at the touch of a button! A rolling startup workstation with a comprehensive cable management system is the perfect solution to tight office space. Roll the workstation around the startup workspace and plant at the desired location instead of frequently lifting heavy objects when furniture needs to be rearranged. The slim and sleek design of the desks harmonizes with a high-tech startup office and support a space-saving, productive environment. Choose one with an arm that holds a tablet for an advanced personal workspace setup that utilizes more devices for multi-tasking, quality assurance and hands-free communication. If your desks have already been procured, try a tabletop or wall mount workstation with a height adjustable monitor holder and retractable keyboard tray for a dynamic and adaptable CPU setup.

Once the workstations have been purchased, it's time to move on to the rest of the startup office furniture. Ergonomic office chairs that allow for sitting, standing and kneeling, promote healthy habits for the employees and keep the mind and body energized. Stackable startup office chairs have an arched support that conforms to the back and provides stability during long meetings or conferences. They easily stack to save space and can be tucked away in the corner to make room for other fixtures or mobile furnishings. These chairs are perfect for the conference room, and can be matched with a startup boardroom table to create a high quality zone for a meeting of the minds. An affordable 8 foot oval conference table is large enough to give several people ample workspace, yet intimate enough for close collaboration.

To round out the boardroom or startup meeting room, some presentation fixtures need to be added. Whether you are presenting pitches to potential investors, developing internal solutions, or forming processes, a video monitor or whiteboard is crucial for graphical supplementation of the conference. Mount video monitors on the wall or ceiling that tilt and pan to provide visibility to all parties in the room, or use a mobile video stand to roll in a large monitor for proper deployment of your flashy visual presentation. Heavy duty startup office mounts and stands provide the support you need for key deliverables to both external and internal attendees. Startup office whiteboards are traditional, yet powerful problem-solving display tools. Many software engineers and managers enjoy artistically representing problems with a dry erase board. Steve Jobs famously held a whiteboard session that changed the direction of Apple, and was reputably protective of his whiteboard and its markings. Mount a whiteboard on the wall of the conference room, or use a portable one to wheel notes from one room to the next. Always remember to take a picture of the whiteboard and save a digital copy before erasing!

In our world of multiple devices, including cellphones, iPads and other tablets, charging stations are useful startup supplies for companies that issue this hardware for their employees. Simply set up a charging station in the corner of the office where employees can charge up their tablet overnight with the compatible charger, locked up for extra security. This organizes and streamlines mobile device charging and reduces clutter and tangled/lost charging cables. Add your company's logo to an acrylic banner on top of the station for a professional appearance. In other branding efforts, use a tiered business card holder to organize employee business cards to network with future prospects. Add a branded doormat with the company logo in the entranceway to welcome potential clients along with office waste receptacles to keep your office squeaky clean.

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