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Door signs and directory boards are a standard in any lab because they help patients easily find different offices and locations. Displays2go has many different types of laboratory door signs including through-grip & edge grip standoff signage, double-sided displays, cable systems, and more. Stick-on frames are great if you are looking for laboratory window signs. Displays2go understands that laboratory signs are a must, especially when informing employees of health safety warnings and hazard precautions. That is why our wall and door signs are easily customizable and replaceable. If your laboratory is in need of custom signs or banners, our art department can be a great asset to help you create the best designs! When it comes to medical lab supplies, furniture, and displays we make sure to have everything your laboratory needs!

We carry many types of furniture that are ideal for patients waiting in the lobby of your office. Waiting room coffee tables and end tables will make great additions to your lobby furniture. Some of our laboratory waiting room tables come with magazine pockets so that newspapers and other periodicals aren't just thrown about but rather are organized neatly. If you don't need a coffee table, then make sure that you still have magazine racks for your medical testing facility. Our laboratory periodical racks are available in wall mounting or floor standing models and come in a variety of materials and finishes. Don't forget to purchase matching lobby chairs that come in different colors to accentuate your office's décor. Don't have any décor? Get some generic art canvases with calming nature scenes from our online catalog and you'll be in business.

Our cash wraps and check-in desks are available in standard designs, as well as modern styles to fit your laboratory décor. Some front office desks feature integrated custom graphics for branding or informative reasons. Check out the other great laboratory supplies that we offer for your lobby, like hand sanitizers, entrance mats, trash receptacles, and digital displays. Digital media players can be one of the most essential additions to any laboratory waiting room. Our digital signs and displays are available with wall and ceiling mounts, as well as floor stands. The reason so many laboratories purchase our digital players is because they have a longer lifetime than regular televisions and many more capabilities. With these screens, you can not only show live streaming television, but also weather and news simultaneously on a sidebar. This functionality engages patients be during their wait, making the wait-time seem shorter and relieving aggravation.

There are many products to help your office assistant or secretary keep organized and productive throughout the workday as well. For example, our wall file holders come in wood, metal, and plastic. Some file holders are stackable but 20-tiered file holders are also available for storing blood samples results and other laboratory results. Standing desks and workstations are available with a crank system for adjusting the tabletop height from sitting to standing position. Media carts can also be used as standing desks and are great for moving from one room to another. Add our monitor mounts to your lab reception desk to hold computer monitors, screens, and even tablets. The low profile mounts have the ability to move horizontally and vertically, as well as rotate from portrait to landscape view. We also sell dual and quad monitor mounts for any office employees who use two or more monitors.

Check out our storage cabinets for the laboratory office that feature pull-out drawers, enclosed shelving, and locking ability for lab equipment security. Speaking of security, if your lab technicians use tablets or laptops Displays2go also offers many secured charging stations. These are great for charging many electronic devices overnight and can even be mounted to a wall or countertop to prevent tampering. For moving paperwork and laboratory equipment around, our commercial service carts will do the job. We also offer convertible hand carts for moving heavier lab equipment or file boxes. Our mission is to have all displays you need at the lowest prices. So make sure to browse Displays2go first and save yourself the hassle!

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