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When extreme sports customers walk through the door, you want them to feel like they're not in just any retail store. You want to create a custom experience, which is very popular with skate and surf shops simply because the communities surrounding these particular sports are so unique. Our products allow for endless customization in your action sports retail space and storefront window display. At the front of your shop, entrance mats can be used to not only keep your store clean but can be printed with your brand or subsequent brands you carry. Our custom entry mats include logo printing, tons of color options, and treated rubber to keep everything looking brand new. Custom printed skate shop banners and outdoor sidewalk signs provide additional ways to pull in more customers.

Once customers are inside, you'll want to guide them to the products they desire using the proper skate shop supplies. Slatwall boards are perfect for showcasing merchandise like skateboards and clothing. Our slatwall display boards are also available with tons of hooks, hangers, and attachments to accommodate any gear or accessories. For example, slatwall shelving is extremely easy to install and perfect for holding skate shoes, board shorts, and branded or graphic T-shirts. Other great add-ons include slatwall faceouts, hangrails, and peg hooks that can accommodate a wide array of other merchandise. Our skate shop clothing hangers are also perfect for not only shirts, but also jeans and even surfing wetsuits. If you're looking for a more modular option for visual merchandising, check out our grid walls for hanging skateboards and surfboards. The strong metal design and assortment of hangers allows for virtually any skate shop merchandise to be displayed quickly, easily, and prominently. Nesting tables are yet another great option for skate store fixtures. These specially designed tables come in single or multi-tier designs that slide underneath one another. This way, surf shop retailers can easily fit T-shirts, snow pants, snowboard boots, and flex fit hats. To organize the clothing by size, we also offer different types of surf clothing rack dividers for all sizes.

If you want to show off your company's custom clothing or the hottest new trends, you might be interested in our line of surf shop mannequins. We offer realistic, abstract, child, headless, and half-body forms. The flesh toned featured mannequins give the customer a more realistic view of what their desired clothing will look like on them. An abstract form is perfect if you are creating a modern look because it features a shiny steel base and glossy pewter finish. White male and female fiberglass mannequins are also popular because of their simple, clean look.

For the more valuable gear, surf shop display cases are the perfect fixture. Our locking showcases are integrated with recessed LED lighting and adjustable shelving to fit anything from Nixon watches to Venture skateboard trucks to Ricta wheels. The glass cabinets for skate shops have sliding and swing-open front doors. The glass is tempered to create a stronger and safer showcase. Shop owners also have the option of floor standing or wall mounted display cases to make the most of their storefront footprint. For sunglasses and ski goggles, our rotating eyeglass holders will look great in your skate shop display cases. Separate floor standing sunglass displays are also available to hold over 100 of your hottest pairs of shades.

Do you have skate shop signs or surfing banners from your suppliers and want to display them professionally without taping them on the walls and windows? Well, checking out our huge selection of surf store poster frames is a great place to start. You will be able to find curved, double-sided, illuminated and outdoor poster frames in a variety of color and placement styles. Our economy priced plastic poster frames feature slide-off frames, thin or thick profiles, as well as different backboards. If you switch out posters regularly, snap frames will benefit you the most. The snap open technology makes switching out skate shop posters easier. Simply unfold the four frame rails to unlock the poster and you're done! Swing open poster cases are available in wood and metal and can be wall mounted or sit on a tabletop. Finding the poster frames you need for your business cannot be easier with our large selection.

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