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Start planning for your trunk show by taking stock of the merchandise you plan to display. Bridal gowns and wedding dresses will require very different displays than jewelry or Tupperware collections. Trunk show clothing racks with wheels are great for any designer on the go! Some fixtures are height adjustable to perfectly fit the length of the clothing displayed. Mannequins and dress forms for trunk shows are a great choice showcasing one special piece. These forms help customers picture what a gown would look like when on and spur sales as a result! If the event is a jewelry trunk show, check out our portable jewelry display cases that close up for traveling, then easily open to showcase collections right from the case! Individual earring stands and busts are also available and are great for highlighting certain special pieces. Providing small mirrors for guests trying on jewelry is always a nice touch. Besides clothing racks and jewelry stands, display tables, shelving, and racks are also great choices for holding merchandise. Add small risers to a display table to make any product stand out from the crowd! No matter the type of merchandise, there's a trunk show display to fit your needs!

Now that you've got all your merchandise displays figured out, start thinking about all your sign and advertising needs. Will the store you're exhibiting in supply any advertising on the day of the event? Do you have a custom poster but no way to professionally display it? These are all things to consider when planning for your trunk show. Using a clear acrylic tabletop sign holder is a simple way to make your signage look more professional. Instead of placing business cards in a pile on a table, why not showcase them in an attractive holder? Even better, try advertising your trunk sale with a floor standing poster holder! Place the poster frame in a high traffic location, like the sidewalk or front of the store, to pull foot traffic into your show! If you're exhibiting in a home environment, a simple sign frame can still send a message of professionalism to party attendees.

While your products are the heart of any trunk show, there are a few ways you can make shoppers feel at ease as they shop. One way is to offer light refreshments like ice water, champagne, coffee, and finger foods to guests as they browse your product selection. Use a chrome beverage dispenser for cold drinks and an urn or airpot for warm beverages! Simple acrylic appetizer platters are great lightweight and durable dishes for holding snacks at this type of public event. For a display of delectable desserts, try a cake stand! Displaying these hors d'oeuvres will pull in customers and entice them to stay and shop a bit!

With these products, tips, and tricks, your next designer collection event is sure to be like none other!

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