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Constructing a video game retail store first and foremost requires video game display cases and cash wraps to present merchandise to the customers. A locking, modular retail sales counter allows you to display popular Xbox and Playstation games in a secure area within full view of the customer. The tempered glass display provides adequate space for consoles and devices like Nintendo handheld units, and allows enough room behind it to service and ring out customers. You may also want to use additional glass cabinets for easily assembled, centralized, supplemental video game storage. These wall cases and islands can hold premium merchandise like limited edition consoles and games. Open-shelving video game racks stack and line up new or used games, as well as walkthroughs, guides and news publications. A statwall panel with a black laminate finish are modular with many accessories, which makes them perfect for displaying games for customers to browse at eye-level. Acrylic video game risers can bring attention to point-of-sale merchandise at the counter and lead to impulse buys. Think novelty watches, keychains and other knickknacks that can be presented on valuable counter space.

Once the video games are out on display, the next step is providing a means for the customers to demo and interact with new and popular games. A typical video game demo kiosk can be very pricey, but a monitor setup with or without a banner stand is much less expensive and can be fully customized. Use a height adjustable TV stand with a shelf to mount a high resolution monitor and out of the box console, and easily tilt the screen downwards towards the player. Both durable and easily mobile, the video game stand can be rolled around to different areas of the store without heavy lifting. Try one with a custom graphic banner stand for a kiosk-style look that takes advantage of branding opportunities. A desktop quad monitor setup can be used for several customers to sample games together. This is perfect for multiplayer games for the PC, like real time strategies or sports games. Add a video game cart to securely transport games, monitors and consoles throughout the building and store everything in one convenient location. Need a more stationary unit? Use a video game monitor mount or bracket to position the screen on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. No matter how you want to display the TV, we've got your covered.

When the next highly anticipated game drops, there's sure to be a line both inside or outside your store to pick up their preorder or buy a copy. You may want to have a few retractable belt stanchions available to control the crowds and ensure the process happens in an orderly fashion. Purchase one with a custom graphic for a comprehensive branding effort. To decorate the storefront, while also promoting purchases, choose a few snap open poster frames. These can hold artistically designed video game posters, console manufacturer designs, or even your own branding logo. A window sign holder is perfect for displaying your hours of operation or a video game graphic sign with a decorative edge. Illuminated and backlit frames add a high-tech, sharp look to your graphics that draws attention and encourages brand engagement as well as purchase intent. Pair these with floorstanding signs that indicate the sections of your store dedicated to Playstation, Nintendo or Xbox products. For a traditional look, try an "Open" flag to announce to nearby customers that the store is open for business.

The items selected here are bound to make your video game store the popular spot on the block for gamers of this generation and the next. Enjoy browsing the items we have hand selected for you, but don't stop there. Displays2go offers a large catalog of retail storefront merchandise that can be used to turn your business into the ultimate gamer's destination!

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