Displays2go Launches Corporate Outreach Programs

Posted on 17 October, 2019

Last Modified on 30 October, 2019


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Fall River Manufacturer Launches Outreach and Partnership Programs for Non-Profit Organizations and Small Businesses

Fall River, MA — Displays2go launched an official outreach program Displays4Good in September to support and empower non-profit organizations, small businesses and their local community by connecting applicants’ needs with the company’s products and people.

“One of the fundamental reasons we started this initiative was to support and empower our customers,” said Email Marketing Specialist and committee member Caroline Daubitz. “By providing them with products that they may not necessarily have had access to, they are able to grow their brand and spread their message, no matter what it may be. Seeing brands grow and benefit from partnering with Displays4Good is our ultimate goal."

Each month, Displays4Good’s committee selects a different organization to partner with, aligning their goals with the display and merchandising solutions that will help their brand and company thrive. Based in Fall River, MA, the company also taps into employee volunteerism - considering local applicants who need volunteers to assist with initiatives like food drives, community clean-ups and park renovations.

“Collaboration is such a big who part of who we are both internally and outside of our walls,” said Content Marketing Manager Steph DiSaia. “As our customers and public figures are engaging with us much more frequently, it only made sense to formalize a program to help potential partners reach us — using the Core Values that we live by as a guide."

Prior to the official program, the display manufacturer has worked to support various businesses in the local Fall River community, as well as schools and nonprofits around the country. “We’re finally putting a name to something we had already started to do here and there, where we could,” said Offline Marketing Specialist Tiffany Fredette.

Like any other decision in the company, their choice for a Displays4Good partner is guided by their core values. “Our core values of Passion, Growth, Integrity, Partnership, and Innovation are very important to us,” explains Fredette. “We’re looking to work with people whose values are in line with ours - people helping in their own communities, those working to help others grow. It’s the ‘feel good’ in Displays4Good.”

In addition to Displays4Good, the company has announced a broader partnership program, opening opportunities to work with small businesses and online influencers. “Not only does this program benefit our partners,” said Social Media Specialist Eric DeBenedictis, “in-turn, these relationships help us to promote our products with real-life use-cases, as well as receive feedback on new displays prior to launch.”

To learn more about these programs, visit Displays2go.com/Displays4Good. The committee looks forward to reading the stories of applicants and the possibilities of growth for its recipients.

About Displays2go: Displays2go, a subsidiary of TAKKT AG, is the leading e-commerce retailer of point-of-sale marketing displays and trade show supplies in America. The company is known for its large selection of products designed to empower people and brands with personalized solutions.


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