Displays2go Looks to The Future with New Sustainable Private Label

Posted on 09 August, 2021

Last Modified on 13 August, 2021

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Focused on function, form, and future generations, Displays2go launches new eco-friendly brand, Dandelion

FALL RIVER, MA — Displays2go has announced the launch of a new private label, Dandelion. Focused on recyclable or reusable materials, smart packaging, uniquely functional components, and eco-friendly engineering, this new brand promises to reimagine traditional displays and fixtures with a look towards a more sustainable future. The new line offered exclusively at Displays2go will offer real-world solutions at an affordable cost and intends to empower a brighter, cleaner future with less waste and products that will serve the user a solution with lasting purpose—but can also be disposed of guilt-free.

Dandelion’s maiden product release, the Wood and Dowel Collection features a selection of modular merchandising fixtures crafted from fast-growing and replenishable poplar wood and natural laminates. The travel-friendly collection is designed primarily for pop-up retail and event vendors with their no-tool assembly and included lightweight, flat-pack carrying cases. Dandelion has also taken a sustainable approach to reimagine the traditional banner stand by using resource-efficient woods and fabric substrates manufactured from recycled plastics.

The Dandelion team intends to expand the Dandelion line to more and different product types over the coming months in accordance with rising consumer interest and growing socially and environmentally conscious principles within the company. With a vision to “Spread the Seeds of Sustainability” the private label has a team of product developers and researchers dedicated to cultivating the brand’s mission and introducing new solutions to the marketplace for customers who share those values.

To learn more about Dandelion, go to: d2go.xyz/DANDL

To learn more about Displays2go’s corporate responsibility initiatives, go to: d2go.xyz/CR

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About Displays2go: Displays2go, a subsidiary of TAKKT AG, is the leading e-commerce retailer of point-of-sale marketing displays and trade show supplies in America. The company is known for its large selection of products that are designed to empower people and their brands.


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