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4 / 5
Attractive and sturdy
By Rebecca B. on January 27, 2017 Verified Purchase
This is much sturdier than I thought, for the price anyway. The acrylic pockets are versatile because they don't need to all be mounted, meaning you don't need empty pockets hanging on there. A couple caveat's are: 1) The cross bar is silver, but every piece of metal on the unit is black - so we have to spray paint it black to make it not noticeable (not a huge biggie, but still?). 2) the bottom acrylic piece does not have anything to attach it to the bar. To truly be versatile and attractive it should come with a better system for the bottom stability. We are going to zip tie & tuck it around the pole, so that's our solution. Still, it looks good and works for our purpose.

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