What It Means to Be a Displays2go “Insider"

Displays2go Insiders Help to Shape the Future of Our Business

We value the feedback of you, our customers - you help make us who we are, and you’re the reason we’re able to continue growing as a company. We welcome you to be a part of this journey as "Insiders", providing feedback, ideas and inspiration along the way. But what is an Insider? Think of it like a brand ambassador, someone who can help shape the future of our company. You may also be asking “what incentives are there for becoming an ‘Insider’?"

As a Displays2go Insider, we will provide you...

  • Advanced notification of new products
  • Additional channels to provide feedback and ideas
  • Monthly opportunities to be featured in a "Customer Spotlight" campaign for elevated brand exposure
  • Access to special sales and contests
  • Updated content on the latest company news
  • And More!

We need your feedback to continue evolving, elevating our business to meet your needs and the needs of customers like you. Let us know where we’re excelling, and ways we can improve - from the overall customer experience, all the way down to the details.

We look forward to continuing to grow together, with more ways we can partner with you in the future!

Come join us, Insider!

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