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#OKDisplays2go Unique Content Sharing Terms

Partnership is more than a slogan on the wall for us, it is one of our core values; and today we are asking you to partner with us. By responding/commenting/posting #OKDisplays2go you are allowing Displays2go to use your unique content in our marketing efforts. Your “unique content” may include your tweets, posts, images, pictures, videos, gifs, hieroglyphics, refrigerator art, text, information, snap, vine, or user-generated content. By posting #OKDisplays2go you are also confirming that, to the very best of your legal knowledge, you are the original creator of your “unique content” and thereby the sole owner of rights to your “unique content”. Don’t worry we dislike clutter as much as anyone else which is why you will always retain the ownership of your “unique content”.

If you have any questions on these terms or conditions or feel like we, Displays2go, have used your content in a manner unbecoming of these terms and our corporate values please contact us at: social.admin@displays2go.com.

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