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2-Tier Countertop Covered Business Card Holder with Portable Design

Uploaded on 23 April, 2019

Last Modified on 26 June, 2023

Learn how our 2-tier countertop covered business card holder helps keep your cards organized. With a double wide 4 pocket design and snap shut lid, this clear acrylic organizer is perfect for transport to trade shows and events.


Eric : Not again. 
Caroline : I used to really hate when that happened.  But I don’t have that problem anymore since I bought my 
               Plastic Card Holder from Displays2go.com.
Eric :  What’s that?
Caroline : This is a 2-tier countertop covered business card holder with a snap shut lid.
                Now I can carry and transport my business cards with me with no mess or
                fuss and the best part is I can open the lid and it makes a great sleek
                desktop card holder for my display booth.
Eric : That’s so cool. I’m ordering one right now. What’s that website again?
Carline : Displays2go.com.
Eric : Displays2go.com.
Both : Displays2go.com.
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