Assembly: 2LTPCKCR Clear Wall File Holder

Uploaded on 23 June, 2015

Last Modified on 26 June, 2015

Check out these simple steps for installing your clear wall file holder. The 3 acrylic pockets nest easily for holding all your documents - watch and see for yourself!


TEXT: "Included: (3) Acrylic file holders - 15"w x 7"h x 4"d, (2) 1" screws, (2) plastic wall anchors. Mark the points where the screws will go (plastic wall anchors are included but not featured in this video). Drill both screws into the marks you made. Mount the pocket onto the screws.  Nest the second pocket into the first, using the acrylic slats that are on the back of each pocket to fit into each other. Again, mark the points where the screws will go. Drill both screws into the points you marked. Mount the second pocket onto these screws, while also nesting it inside of the first pocket. Repeat these steps again: mark the points... Drill the screws... Finally, mount the third and final pocket... 
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