Assembly: AC4TRY2FBD Acrylic Bakery Display Case

Uploaded on 23 June, 2015

Last Modified on 23 June, 2015

Assembly of this acrylic bakery display case isn't hard at all! Watch one of our skilled product experts put it together in this helpful video.


TEXT: "Attach black handles to the (2) front and (1) rear doors. Attach magnet to the stand alone side wall.  Place sides of unit upside down and attach the bottom piece. Carefully flip unit over.  Attach the top piece the same way.  Screw both sides of stabilizer bar in halfway. Fit the acrylic pegs on the front doors into the corresponding slots. Tighten the screws on the stabilizer bar fully. Finally, open the rear door and insert the four trays. Congratulations! Your acrylic bakery rack is ready to be used!"
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