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Assembly: AFRE Series Easel Stand

Uploaded on 05 July, 2016

Last Modified on 11 July, 2016

Here at Displays2go, we strive to assist our customers all the way from the production floor to your floor! To make assembling this easel as straightforward as possible we have created this assembly guide video. Watch Kevin assemble the entire AFRE series easel, narrating each step from inserting the head hex bolts into the dowel nuts, to lining up the middle cleat crossbar to complete the A-frame shape. This video should save you valuable time, energy and most importantly headaches! Play the video now to follow along and start using your easel stand today!


KEVIN (Narrator): "These are the included pieces that you will need for assembly.
Using the instruction sheet as a blueprint, Start by placing the easel face down with the pieces in the order they will be assembled. 
The easels a-frame pieces have peg holes located on the front, place them facing down on the ground.
Insert the dowel nuts into the holes of the bottom and top support cleats making sure that the dowel nut holes line up with the holes in the cleats. 
Thread the hex-head bolts through the easels leg and line it up with the dowel nut hole to screw these pieces together. Tighten it with the included allen wrench and then repeat these steps for the other side of the middle cleat crossbar.
You can also repeat these steps with the top crossbar:  insert the bolt through the easels leg and into the dowel nut to screw it into place and tighten with an allen wrench.
Grab one of the two included screw hooks and start perforating the middle of the lower crossbar with the screw end. If you have a drill with a small bit you can make pilot holes but a little elbow grease will get the job done just the same. Don’t worry about screwing the hook all the way in.
Repeat this step with the inside part of the easel’s back leg.
Then connect these two hooks with the included chain.
And now your easel is ready to be used."
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