Assembly: CNT Tradeshow Counter Series

Uploaded on 19 May, 2016

Last Modified on 12 August, 2016

The CNT hook & loop tradeshow counters and podiums make your exhibition setup a breeze. There's no heavy hauling with these portable stands. Watch how effortlessly Sarah carries them in the included canvas bag! The aluminium upright poles, dowels, and attachable shelves with a powder coated finish make for a tool-free setup that can be completed in just minutes. Once the trade show exhibit podium has been assembled, easily attach literature holders, signs or other accessories to the PVC panel in front. Click play to see Sarah demonstrate how this durable stand is pieced together, and rest assured it is equally as simple to break down and pack away for the next event!


REBECCA ("Narrator"): Our CNT tradeshow counter series is a great portable solution for your event display needs.
It comes in a handy canvas carrying bag like this.
Here are the components included in the kit.
Grab one of the rubber bases seen here and insert it into the channel of one of the two boards that do not have the metal hardware.
Then take an aluminum upright pole and screw it onto the rubber base, twisting it until its tight.
Repeat for all 4 poles
Take the hook & loop panel and slide the notched edges into the channels that are built into the aluminum poles. 
This panel will fit on the side of the counter where the poles are the farthest apart from each other. 
This will be the front of your counter.
Now, take the second board that does not have metal hardware attached to it and place it on top of the poles so that the screw holes in the poles and board line up.
Grab the 4 dowels and screw them through the board and into the pole.
Leave a little space between the pin at the top of the dowel and the plastic spacer.
This gap then allows you to attach the dowels into the metal hardware of the last board.  
Line up the metal hardware with the pins and gently slide them into place.
Once they’re in place lock the top board into position by twisting the dowel
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