Assembly: CTRDSBKEV2 and CTRDSNTDV2 Countertop Glass Display Case

Uploaded on 09 September, 2016

Last Modified on 09 September, 2016

The countertop glass display case from Displays2go is a fun project to assemble that uses only simple tools and minimal experience. Watch Matt as he lines up the panels, slides them in the grooves, and screws them in with the hole connectors for a finished product in just a few easy steps. He also contributes some tips and pointers, like temporarily loosening the front-panel screw while adding in the glass door. Follow these instructions and your new glass display case will be a stable, sturdy addition to your countertop showcase!


JEFF (Narrator): "Here is the included component kit provided to complete your assembly.
First let’s start with your bottom panel and your top panel as well as the 3 hole and the 2 hole connector pieces. 
Then screw them into the bottom and top panels.  Make sure the 2 hole connectors are towards the sides and the 3 hole connector is toward the back.
Next, Take your 2 side glass panels with the holes in the middle and your back glass panel and screw them in by placing them within the grooves on the bottom. Just make your way around until all are securely tightened.  An assistant may be helpful to help hold them in place.
You can then line up the top panel grooves with the back and side panels and make sure it slips in correctly. Then tighten the screws with the allen key and wrench provided to you.
Take your shelf supports with the rubber padding and screw them into the holes in the middle on the side panels.
Before you add your front glass door, just loosen the two screw at the front of the top panel so that you can add the door in more efficiently.
You can then add your glass shelving to complete your assembly."
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