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Assembly: FRCNRBLK Tower Display Case

Uploaded on 25 June, 2015

Last Modified on 13 July, 2015

Watch this glass tower display case come to life, thanks to two of our awesome product experts. You can use this video as a guide while assembling your own retail case.


TEXT: "Insert & tighten bolts into bottom base panel. Insert #58 cam lock pieces into toepick panels. Connect toekick panels together with bolts. Tighten #58 cam locks with screwdriver to secure toekick panels together. Secure toekick panels to bottom base panel by tightening locks to bolts with screwdriver. Hammer gliders to toekicks & flip over completed base. Insert side panel into base groove & secure AGCON2 bracket & 3/4" trox screw with allen key. Pre-drill holes into base & secure bracket with #6 x 1/2" pan screw. Secure second bracket to base. Insert back glass panel into base groove.  Secure side and back panels together with AGCON2 bracket & screws. Secure AGCON3 bracket to both panels with screws. Repeat steps & secure side panel to base & back panel with brackets. Attach 16 shelf supports with screws. Secure lock plate to base.  Loosely secure top panel to brackets (tighten after attaching door). Insert shelves into display case. Attach hinges to door panel & insert into base & top holes. Attach lock to door & test for placement."
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