Assembly Guide: Motorized Drop Down TV Mount

Uploaded on 11 January, 2017

Last Modified on 11 January, 2017

Assemble your motorized drop down TV mount in no time with our helpful video guide. We'll take you through the assembly instructions step by step, demonstarting the easiest and most efficient ways to set up your ceiling display. All you need to get started is a pencil, handheld drill, and a screwdriver.


"LMCEMOT55 Motorized Ceiling Mount Feature & Assembly
Mark the exact location of the mounting holes
Tighten 2 screws leaving a 5mm space from the ceiling
Screw the ceiling mount onto the ceiling
Installing the VESA plate
Hooking the TV onto the ceiling mount
Built -in level adjustment ensures perfect positioning
Memory mode to save your favorite location
Press and hold “mem1” button for 5 seconds
When flat against the ceiling press “1” and then “ok” 
TV automatically finds this position"
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