Assembly: MSQUTO Mesh Magazine Stand

Uploaded on 10 July, 2015

Last Modified on 12 August, 2015

This magazine stand is completely portable and even comes with its own carrying case, great for trade shows! Watch how easy it is to assemble in just a few quick steps.


SARAH (Narrator): "Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m really excited to show you how to assemble our MSQUTO Pop-Up Magazine Stands. This line of literature holders is lightweight and easily portable, making it perfect for anyone who travels frequently and needs to display brochures or pamphlets. It comes in this cute little nylon carrying case and sets up so easily. Let me show you! So there will be 3 pieces within the carrying case. (Base, Brochure Panel, Tension Rod) The tension rod is made up of 4 aluminum segments that are connected together and need to be nested inside each other, to form this straight pole. This is the base of the display. As you can see, there is a groove on one side and a round socket insert on the other for the pole. Go ahead and take the brochure holder panel and hold it according to proper orientation with the pockets open and facing up. The bottom of the panel has a metal lip that is meant to fit into the corresponding groove of the base. Go ahead and put the end of the tension rod WITHOUT the pointed top into the socket. Pull the brochure panel up and slip the pointed end of the tension rod into the corresponding groove at the top of the panel’s bracket.  Your pop up magazine stand is now ready to be filled with literature! There are multiple styles associated with this line so take a look around Displays2go and find the pop-up magazine stand that is perfect for you."
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