Assembly: Retail Cardboard Display

Uploaded on 10 July, 2017

Last Modified on 26 May, 2023

This retail store display can be quickly assembled with no tools needed. Watching the video and following the steps provided, you can have a sturdy display to show off your products in no time. Add your own graphics to the header if desired for incresed promotional usage.


Alyssa: "Cardboard displays can be an affordable solution to your store or boutique but can be a bit challenging to assemble.  Let us help you with that! 
Let’s start with the shelf.  First take the long partition and fold it in half.  Fold the tabs on both ends.  Place the partition down the long way on the shelf.  Now fold down the tabs on the end of the shelf and lock them into place.  Repeat this step on the opposite side.  We’re next going to install the 2 small partition pieces.   After folding the first small partition piece place it lying across the long partition piece through the corresponding notch.  Do the same with the other small partition piece and fold the remaining tabs around the shelf.  The shelf is complete.
We’re going to now focus on the base.
Open the base and making sure to fold the side tabs in push the front flap down.  Lock it in place by inserting the tabs on top into the corresponding slots.
Now it’s ready to install the shelf.
Place the shelf onto the base.  Pull the base flaps through the shelf slot and lock it in place by pushing it through the next slot.
Lastly, fold the header and insert it into the top 2 slots at the top of the display.
Congratulations, your cardboard display is ready for business!"
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