Assembly: Retail Store Showcases

Uploaded on 18 September, 2017

Last Modified on 18 September, 2017

Check out this assembly video to get a better overview on how to setup these store showcases. The assembly is straight forward, and can be setup in no time with a little bit of help. Watch this instructional video so that you can immediately start displaying your products in these beautiful store showcases.


Text: IFDC8040 Assembly Video

Insert front glass panel.

Insert side glass panel.

Attach middle "L" bracket.

Screw on shelf support.

Install adjacent side(in the same manner as the previous side).

Install shelf supports.

Place "O" ring on supports.

Attach corner brackets.

Move top glass into position.

Aluminum rail may need to be attached to glass top(see included instructions).

Align bracket holes with glass holes.

Screw brackets into position.

Attach bottom door hinge.

Place pivot collars into pre-drilled holes.

Place door with bottom hinge into bottom pivot collar.

Place top hinge with pivot collar into pre-drilled hole.

Slide door glass into hinge.

Secure in place.

Repeat this procedure for opposite door.

Install the lock mechanism as shown.

Set shelves into position.

Test your door swing & lock for proper fit.

Adjust as neccessary.
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