Assembly: SCTCNT Display Counter

Uploaded on 25 June, 2015

Last Modified on 01 July, 2015

Watch our skill product experts as they assemble this knock down display counter. Use this guide to help your own assembly, and before you know it you'll be up and running with this awesome display case!


TEXT: "Insert groove of side panel into compatible tracks on front panel. Slide each side down until unit is even. Lay unit flat. Insert back panel & slide up until even. Hold front & back panels while standing up to prevent sliding out of place. Lift the side panel with power cord attached. Insert base board with cut out aligned with power cord. Snake power cord through cut out hole. Return panel to the correct positioning.  Insert middle board & rest it upon designated frame lip. Lift board & clip lighting wire together. Insert lighting wires into other side of connector & tighten with flat head screw driver. Repeat connection on left side of the display. Insert provided rubber shelf grippers into shelf brackets. Cafefully rest shelf upon shelf brackets. Carefully rest top pane of glass upon aluminum frame lip. Insert halogen lights into the adjustable holders."
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