Assembly: SRAM Series Replacement Banners

Uploaded on 02 August, 2016

Last Modified on 15 July, 2022

In this instructional video, we provide a step-by-step tutorial for adding a replacement banner to your SRAM series retractable banner stand. All you'll need is some double-sided tape, a flat-head screw driver, and a spring pin and tension key. You don't need to purchase a whole new stand every time you want to change up your banner, just follow these simple instructions and you'll be displaying your updated graphics in no time!


JEFF (Narrator): "Hi, I’m going to show you how to assemble the replacement graphics for our popular SRAM banner stand series.  It’s pretty simple stuff!  So let’s get to it. 
Here are the tools you’ll need for the assembly:"

TEXT: "Packing Tape, Double Sided Tap, Spring Pin, Tension Key, Flat Head Screwdriver"

JEFF: "1st, stretch the banner all the way out until you see the lead and you can’t go anymore.
Then, lay the stand flat and take the spring pin and place it into the hole on the side to lock the banner in place. 
After that, take the rail at the top of the banner and separate it using a flat head screwdriver.
Next, go back to the base end where the banner is attached to the lead and start by pulling the tape off from the backside and peeling it off across the rest of the banner. Depending on how long it’s been there, it can be a little more sticky. So use a box cutter or exacto knife to help you out if you have to.
Once you have your old banner off, you’re going to want to flip the base over and flatten out the lead. Then you can apply some tape to each side of the lead about an inch down from the top. By doing this, it will keep it flat and it will help when adding the double sided tape to lead.
So, make sure the area where you’re applying the tape to is free from debris and take your double sided tape roll and lay it across from one end of the lead to the other, lining it up with the top edge. 
Then take the bottom of the banner and lay it over the top portion of the lead and apply tape to the edges of the banner about 1 inch from the bottom. You can then start peeling off the double sided tape that you applied to the lead and adhere the banner to it. 
For extra peace of mind, add an extra layer of tape. Packing tape works best, and apply it at the seam where the banner and the lead meet. This will give it a stronger hold when it is being extracted from the base.
Now you can take the top rail and re-attach it to the top of the banner. Make sure the rail is flipped open, which should have been done when you took it off earlier with the screwdriver. You can just slip in the banner into the slot and firmly press down on the rail with your palms and close the rail going from side to side. 
Go back to the base end of the stand and pull up on the lead a bit.  This will help with pulling out the spring pin easily. 
You can then carefully guide the banner back into the base.  Just keep an eye on the side to make sure it goes in evenly. And if you’d like you can take the tension key and insert into the hole where the spring pin was to add additional pressure to the spring.  And there you have it!"
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