Assembly: TVTRUSS TV Stands

Uploaded on 08 September, 2015

Last Modified on 20 August, 2019

Watch as our product experts demonstrate the assembly of this truss TV stand! These portable stands are great for trade shows, conferences, schools and more!


JEFF (Narrator): "Hi guys, I’m Jeff. Today im going to show you how to assemble this portable truss TV stand. This could be used for trade shows, conventions, or school presentations. Here are the components included in this product. Take the base and the bottom truss frame and pull it open like this. With the screws pointing down, insert all 4 into the pre-drilled holes in the base. Twist the vertical posts clockwise, screwing the frame into the foundation. Repeat this step with the other two remaining frame pieces. Please note that the frame with the bracket goes on last. Now, place the cap on top and screw into place. Assemble the rails by slipping the rods through the middle connector. Slide two O-rings on each side of the poles for stability - these will come into play later on. Now attach the rails to the bracket on the top truss frame. Spin the screw on the side of the tv bracket to secure the rails into place. Attach the bracket to the back of your TV with the screws provided. Place the TV rail’s hooked brackets on to the TV rails and adjust your TVs position accordingly. Final step! Slide the O-rings next to either side of the brackets to prevent movement of your TV.Traveling to tradeshow and events will be extremely easy and convenient with this TV stand."
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