Assembly Video: SEG Stretch Fabric Lightbox Wall

Uploaded on 20 September, 2018

Last Modified on 06 February, 2019

This SEG stretch fabric wall is constructed with sturdy but lightweight aluminum pieces and comes packaged broken down in its own hard-sided storage case. All hardware is included for the simple assembly, and if an illuminated version is selected, the frame is lined top and bottom with bright LED strips. Thin silicone strips are sewn into the front stretch graphic panel and printed edge-to-edge with custom graphics, and blackout material is included for the back. Just plug the 10ft wide by 8ft tall frame into the wall or a power strip for a vibrant, high quality backwall with a frameless look.


1.	Make sure there is enough space to lay out the entire 10ft by 8ft frame.
2.	The frame pieces are numbered. If using a lighted wall, make sure the power supply on bottom.
3.	Assemble frame sections using flat bar connectors and tighten with screwdriver.
4.	Place L-shaped connectors into corner channels and tighten with screwdriver.
5.	Combine the 2-piece center support bar - twist and lock. Then place inside frame top and bottom at center and tighten with hex key.
6.	Attach the 2 steel feet with screws and tighten with wrench.
7.	Connect lighting wires, then plug in to check function. Unplug from outlet before attaching fabric.
8.	Silicone edges on the fabric fit into channels in the frame. Press corners in first, then center sections, then balance of each side.
9.	Flip wall over and repeat fabric installation on second side.
10.	 Stand wall up and plug into power.
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