Assembly: WMSWEP Slatwall Display Panels

Uploaded on 13 August, 2015

Last Modified on 13 August, 2015

These slatwall display panels are made with Anchor Core, ensuring a 50% stronger construction than typical fiberboard panels! Watch to learn how to install these durable and lightweight displays!


TEXT: "Wind Mill Slatwall products presents the Easy Panels - made with Anchor Core - 50% stronger. This short video shows how easy they are to install. Weighing only 20 pounds each, the easy panels are easier to handle. They ship via ground and come in a handy corrugated 2 pack. Installation can be accomplished by one person. The use of a leveling brace can be helpful. Install the panels with drywall screws through the back of the grooves. The half grooves allow for stacking the panels up, or down. Installing the Readysert metal inserts will double the strength of the grooves. Drill a pilot hole if using the metal inserts. Pan head screws work the best for metal inserts. Then, simply set your accessories for the job at hand. Slatwall works great for a wide variety of retail displays."
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