Cable Suspended Shelves with Easy Adjustment for Modern Interiors

Uploaded on 14 September, 2022

Last Modified on 16 September, 2022

These cable suspended shelves are a minimalist and space-saving addition to any boutique, kitchen supply shop, hair salon, or home goods store. These floating units are made from crystal-clear tempered glass that allows your products to be the center of attention. The glass cable suspended shelves come in two different sizes, a more modest compact 24" or spacious 36" option. These hanging units are held up by a robust stainless steel cable that seamlessly mounts to the ceiling and floor. Once mounted, simply tighten your shelf clamps at the desired height and easily adjust them to fit your merchandising needs. From displaying hair care products in a show-stopping way to showcasing taller products that don't seem to fit anywhere else, these floating stainless steel wire fixtures can conveniently accommodate any of your commodities. The hanging cable suspended shelves have a flexible modular design and can be paired with our 24" or 36" add-on shelving to increase your marketing capacity. Elevate your floor space today with this modern floor-to-ceiling fixture!
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