Customer Spotlight: Our Natural Shop

Uploaded on 23 September, 2019

Last Modified on 23 September, 2019

Owner and visionary, Heather Fraley, of Our Natural Shop has grown her business through hard work. See how she has built her business through strenuous times and how she has developed a business and personal relationship with Displays2go.


Heather: What I would like my brand to represent in three words would be distinctive, natural, blends. I live and breathe our natural shop and the products, so I try to find products that I can bring out to our people and help them live in less pain. Hello, my name is Heather Fraley from Our Natural Shop. 

It originated when I was having some health issues and I was introduced to CBD and I honestly thought it would just help the joint pain. That's what I was going to take it for and help the flare ups to die down and I started noticing that my migraines were going away. I was sleeping better and I thought, wow, what is this stuff? Everyone's born with CBD receptors in their system and in their body and they're all depleted, which causes us to have all these inflammation symptoms within us, whether it's sleep, anxiety, pain from joints, CBD combats that.

So that actually fills up those receptors and is going to bring down the inflammation. I like to say they're side benefits, not side effects. My secret favorite product would be our patches. They last over 48 hours. So it's just a simple and discreet, convenient way to get CBD into your system. When former pro athletes use our product and when the physicians will call and say their patient's seen results, that to me makes my heart smile that it's actually getting out there and making a difference. 

My proudest moment I would say would be when I overheard the kids talking explaining to a family member and some friends about what CBD was and how it could help them. Then I realized that they see me for more than just a mom. I would say the most challenging would be, for one, being taken serious and I'm not that corporate executive that people would think that's what you should look like, or that's what you should act like. I'm, I'm me who I am. I strive and I do everything I can with three kids and building this behind the scenes. More and more women are trying to come into this industry and into the workforce and they feel like they have kids so they don't have time for college or they're going to college and they don't have time to build a life. And it's possible. It's possible.

My favorite product from Displays2go to go is hands down the table cloth. We travel a lot for our events so it will actually fold up very nicely no matter how we shove it in a suitcase and come out looking very clean and it as well extends from a foot to a six foot. So you're actually able to work with whatever table the conference or even has. And then also these risers, they're very packable and we travel with suitcases and fly to a lot of our events. So we're able to actually stack these well and they'd hold a lot. And then our shelves that we use from this place ago can actually fit our patches and actually our bottles if we need to. So it's multipurpose and it folds down very well. 

What's next for Our Natural Shop would be we're looking for, um, strategic partners and third party relationships to help with our sales and our product and for Our Natural Shop to become your natural shop.
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