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Digital Mirror Advertising Display with Android 7.1 OS and WIFI Connectivity

Uploaded on 18 November, 2022

Last Modified on 18 November, 2022

This digital mirror advertising display is the optimal marketing solution for small boutiques, hotels, gyms, yoga studios, and clothing stores. Our smart, reflective retail unit provides a new age of technology by incorporating an embedded screen behind a looking glass. The wall mounted digital mirror display features a motion sensor that detects when a customer or guest is nearby and will adjust the display size so that the fixture can be used as a mirrored screen as well as signage. Allow personal trainers the chance to advertise their programs or give the local smoothie shop a voice by providing them ad space at your gym or dance studio. Never again do you have to worry about how much wall real estate your digital signage takes up, or whether or not you can fit a mirror in your modest accessory store or quaint hotel space. This two-in-one product gives you the tool to display your impactful branding without sacrificing practicality. Perfect for trying on sunglasses or hats, this state-of-the-art fixture will ensure you never miss a merchandising opportunity, and always have your store advertising in the eye-view of your customers. Each reflective unit comes with a wall mounted bracket that makes setup a breeze and beautifully exhibits our 32" smart screen. This retail digital mirror display also contains USB, HDMI, and LAN ports and an IP43 rating, which helps protect it against light water sprays. Include one of these unique, futuristic units in your gym or dance studio to elevate your business today!
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