Employee Spotlight: Clara Castano

Uploaded on 09 July, 2021

Last Modified on 09 July, 2021

Clara Castano has been with Displays2go for many years where she has transitioned and grown with the company. From a small cluster of warehouses in Bristol, RI to a large-scale operation in Fall River, Massachusetts, she's been a key player in our transformation. See how Clara has enjoyed working in different roles within our team and all while doing it all with an infectious smile on her face. Thanks, Clara for letting us into your daily life here at Displays2go. Your hard work and truly amazing spirit are evident in everything that you do!


Clara: "Something unique about me....

Smiling I guess.

I like to smile a lot.

My proudest moment
when I became Team Lead.

I was scared, but I really value that they
trust in me to be a big part of the team.

I love it and I just keep working every day
to meet company's needs and just give my best.

My favorite project.  Having to move from
Bristol to Fall River.

It was such a small warehouse and now we move
to this big one and I see where we are now

and we're expanding.

We're growing!

It's important for the company to have their
values and create awesome partnerships that

helps us grow and connect.

My name is Clara and I'm the Order
Fulfillment Team Lead at Display2go."
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