Employee Spotlight: Dilcia Torres

Uploaded on 30 June, 2021

Last Modified on 01 July, 2021

Dilcia has been a Displays2go teammate for over 7 years. On her journey with the company, she has seen it all having worked in multiple departments and on various teams before landing in her current position as Order Coordinator. Dilcia always brings a smile to the workplace and a hard-working, can-do attitude. Watch Dilcia take the spotlight with an inside look at what drives her passion and growth at Displays2go. Thank you Dilcia, for your continued spirit of partnership and for always thinking about the customer and your teammates first!


Dilcia Torres:  "My name is Dilcia Torres.

I have been working at Displays2go for 7 years.

Values are fundamental to this company.

These values are the base that help us strive to make a
quality product and help us compete as a company.

Displays2go has helped me a lot
in my career on a personal and professional level.

Really, this company is where you can
expand [on your skills], do new things, and create new things.

It has really helped me a lot.

My advice to new candidates would be to give
your best, because based on your knowledge,

on your skills, you can grow in this

My proudest moment in this company
was when I was promoted to Order Coordinator.

I learned a lot, I grew, and had
many opportunities.

Something unique for me is when I can travel
with my family and enjoy time with them.

These are wonderful moments."
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