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Employee Spotlight: Ligia Paiva

Uploaded on 21 July, 2021

Last Modified on 22 July, 2021

We are proud to highlight some of our brightest stars and most committed team members here at Displays2go. Introducing D2G Group's Product Development Coordinator, Ligia Paiva. Though Ligia is fairly new to the D2G Group family, she brings joy, support, and never-ending encouragement to the individuals and crew she works with every day. Ligia is always there to lends an ear and to help those who need it. Since working at Displays2go she's learned a tremendous amount and has become a more confident leader and "overall person". Ligia is a strong and steady presence on her team and we are grateful for her guiding hand! Thank you, Ligia, for all that you do to make a difference on our team and in the lives of the people we serve!


Ligia: Hi, my name is Ligia Paiva and I am a Product
Development Coordinator at Displays2go.

I feel the culture here is very diverse,
there's a lot of different backgrounds

and everyone always seems to come together
regardless of who they are and where they

come from.

The most challenging, when things
come up, I'm a problem solver.

I don't dwell on it, I just want to find the
solution and move forward.

So that I do enjoy.

Definitely a challenge.

What I've gained so far has been definitely
the teamwork here, and regardless of who

people are, if there is something that needs
to be done, everyone just pitches in to get

the job done.

The proudest moment, I've had
a few, like coming on board and just trying

to kind of step back and kind of see the way
things are done and come up with solutions on

a daily basis.

They've taken my suggestion into

That's really a proud moment for me.

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