Feature Demo: GWM Window Sign Holders

Uploaded on 03 September, 2015

Last Modified on 05 January, 2017

You can hang these window sign holders easily with included suction cups! The acrylic frames are double sided so customers can display advertisements, messages, and signs that are visible on both sides of a glass door or window. Make even the simplest graphics look professional with these window sign holders!


KEVIN (Narrator): Hi, I’m Keven and today we’re going to talk about window suction cup sign holders! These window sign holders are some of our customers’ favorite display products. Although they seem simple at first glance, we’re going to talk about some of the many features that make this a dynamic solution for your business’ advertising needs.  Advertising can be expensive. But this product is a reasonably priced display option. Choose your sign size and orientation and print right from your own printer. This product allows you to constantly update as well as reposition what your message is and where it is seen. The suction cups allow you to display your messages on windows and doors where visibility is high without using unsightly tape or flimsy plastic sleeves. Use both sides of the sign holder to attract customers and leave with a nice message as well. Assembly couldn’t be easier- insert each suction cup into the notches of the 4 corners of the panel. Push up on the suction cups and lock in place. Slide your graphic through the top of the sign frame and you’re ready to display! No matter its purpose, this is a professional and versatile advertising solution, making this an essential in your marketing tool belt.
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