How to Assemble 10' Booth Backwall System

Uploaded on 01 February, 2017

Last Modified on 07 March, 2017

Assemble this portable 10' booth backwall system in no time flat with this helpful video. An in depth look at the simple installation will have your trade show setup for your event in minutes. Included hardware will assist you in completing your display.


REBECCA (Narrator): "These CBW Curved Backdrops are the perfect solution to your trade show display, exhibit, or business event.  
Here are the included components to complete your assembly.
First, take out the connected pieces held together with the connected wiring inside and snap them together to complete the majority of the backdrop frame.
Next, take the curved corner pieces and attach them to the bottom portion of the frame.
From there, you can connect the straight side poll frame to the curved piece and follow through on the other end and in the middle.  The poles easily line up with the numbers on the frame.
You can then add the additional curved corner pieces at the top of the frame in addition to the center piece as well.
With the help of assistant, grab your graphic and drape it over the side of the frame and drag it along to the other side to zip up completely.
Now stand it upright, and get the second bag with the shelving frame and attach the 2 sides together accordingly where the numbers match up.
Take the crossbar for the TV bracket and attach it to the 2 side frames accordingly.  You’ll need the provided allen key and screws to complete this task. Do so at both ends.
You can then add the fame to the top of the back drop with the attached snap on bracket and press down firmly on both ends for proper placement.
Have an assistant lift up on one end to add the feet to the bottom of the shelf frame and then you can add the shelves on to the remaining holes on the frame. Just screw them in the same way as you did with the crossbar.
Finally, you can add the TV bracket(hook side right) with the allen key,  and then slide in the vesa bracket to complete your assembly."
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