How to Assemble Bin Display

Uploaded on 05 May, 2017

Last Modified on 26 May, 2023

While cardboard can be a challenge to build, this bin display uses minimal pieces and interchangeable tiers to simplify the process! Following some simple steps, assembly can take only a matter of minutes and can be done by one person. The shelves can be used on any tier, preventing confusion and frustration as you build the unit. Once complete, simply attach the header on the top for additional promotion of your merchandise!


Jeff: "Cardboard displays can be an affordable solution to your store or boutique but can be a bit challenging to assemble.  Let us help you with that! 
First take your section B shelving units and fold up the back and the triangular sides(don’t let distractions bother you with this setup).  Then fold over the bottom portion over those side areas.  You can then tuck in the flaps in the back into the open slots that are lined up.
Next, the front of the shelf has 2 small flaps.  Fold those in first, then fold over the front lip over those flaps and tuck in tightly to the slots on the bottom of the shelves.  
Now do the same for the remaining 2 shelving units.  
Take the bottom of the tower(Labeled A) and fold it outward and fold in the flap on the front and then the 2 sides inward.  Pre-bending can be helpful with placement and assembly. 
Now take one of your shelves(any one will do) and attach it to the slots on the base sticking outward to the outermost slots on the shelf. Do this to both sides of the shelf.  Take the lip that is sticking out from the inside of the shelf and pull it towards the secondary slot next to it and insert it in.  Do this to the other side as well.
You can now attach the second shelf the same way as the first right on top of it.
The third shelf varies slightly as you attach it from the bottom into the slots that line up with the flaps on the base.  Then you can pull it through and insert it to the slot next to it on both sides.
Finally grab the header and add it to the top of the third shelf to complete your cardboard display."
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