How to Assemble Tabletop Cardboard Display

Uploaded on 30 June, 2017

Last Modified on 26 May, 2023

This tabletop cardboard display can be quickly put together with pre-folded pieces and built-in notches for tool-free assembly! Following the steps in this video, you'll have your bin built in no time for an affordable and sturdy showcase for products. If desired, tape custom graphics to the header for additional promotion!


Jeff: "Cardboard displays can be an affordable solution to your store or boutique but can be a bit challenging to assemble.  Let us help you with that! 
First take the main body and lay it flat on the table with the inside facing upward.  
Fold up one side and bring up the bottom and insert the tabs into the side slots shown.  Do the same for the other side as well.
You can then fold the front flap up and over into the inside and then fold the front top down to create the inner backing of the inside of the unit.
Now we’ll move on to the tray.
Start by folding down the two sides as directed and fold the front trap flap over and fit into the slots to keep in place.
Now fold back flap up and over into tray which will keep everything in place.
Next take the tray and insert the flaps and tabs into the corresponding slots on the inside of the main body. 
Take the partition and place into the bottom of the main body so that everything is snug.
Grab the header with the tabs facing down and install it into the top 2 slots at the top of the display.
Don’t get ahead of yourself, you’re not quite done yet. 
So finally, you’re ready for the side pocket.  
Pre-fold the pocket accordingly and match up the tabs of the pocket with the slots on the side of the main body.
And now you’re ready to celebrate!  Assembly complete."
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