How to Submit Artwork for Branded Solutions

Uploaded on 28 June, 2021

Last Modified on 28 June, 2021

In this tutorial, Tiffany shows how to design and upload high quality graphics for custom orders at TRT Banners.


To ensure your visuals look their very best, our artwork and design services teams are here to help you every step of the way.

If you're submitting artwork yourself, follow the steps provided on the Artwork Guidelines page. Next, download one of our templates.

The innermost line is the safety line. Try to keep all of your logos and text inside this line to avoid being cut off during the printing process. Note that the template is scaled to the size of the final product. Small images on your computer may be pixelated if printed on a larger banner or table cover. To ensure the best quality, use vector graphics. When using stock photography images, be sure to purchase the highest resolution version that your budget will allow. 

Sticking to a brand style guide? Before submitting your design, you'll also want to note the Pantone values for any critical colors to ensure they print as expected. If you're using custom fonts, make sure to Rasterize or Create an Outline of your text. Export your file in one of our accepted file formats.

The easiest way to submit your artwork is to do so directly on the product detail page. However, you can also send to us after placing your order. 

How to submit artwork after placing your order:
1. Navigate to Artwork Upload.
2. Enter your Order number and email address.
3. Click upload to upload and submit your files.

Once you submit your design, please wait up to 48 hours for our team to review. Check the status of your order by navigating to My Account, then to Manage Artwork Submissions for Open Orders. Click Manage to view comments from our review team, leave a comment, or upload a replacement file. After receiving your file, it will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours for printing requirements. If the file does not meet all necessary requirements, you will be contacted by your representative. If corrections are needed, you may make these changes yourself and resubmit the file or choose to have us make the corrections for you. Design services fee may apply. After the file has been approved, we will send a proof to you for your approval. Once you've approved your proof, we're ready to start production.

And that's it! We hope this has helped you in order to be able to create your own customized solutions.
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