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How To: Corrugated Pop Displays

Uploaded on 10 July, 2017

Check out how simple it is to fold these corrugated pop displays into shape. The retail bins can be assembled in a matter of minutes and promise long-lasting use. Fold these cardboard dumb containers for a simple, yet effective way to showcase your merchandise.


Alyssa: "Cardboard displays can be an affordable solution to your store or boutique but can be a bit challenging to assemble.  Let us help you with that! 
Let’s get started with the counter box.  Fold back end up.  Then beginning with a side flap, push the tab into the corresponding slot.  Now fold side flap inward and lock into place.
Repeat for the other side.
Next fold in the 2 tabs and then fold the front lip up, and over.  Push tabs into the slots locking it in place.
Lastly, insert the header on top of your counter box.
Congratulations, your assembly is complete."
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