How To Upload Images on Your Digital Sign Display

Uploaded on 20 September, 2022

Last Modified on 20 September, 2022

Let's talk digital! Watch as Casey, one of our Digital Sign gurus walks us through how to upload images onto digital signage displays. You'll be ready to stream stunning slideshows and showcase your products or messaging in just a few simple steps!


Hi my name is Casey from Displays2go.

Today we're going to be learning how to upload images to your digital signage.

Locate the explorer icon, go to the USB folder, click on "Multi" in the top navigation panel.

Click on all of the images that you want to select and carry over to the digital signage.

Go to 'Editor' in the top navigation panel and click "copy".

Click "Level Up" in the top navigation panel to go back and select "Internal Memory". 

Locate the media folder, click "Images", then go the "Editor" in the top navigation panel again. 

Paste your image selections from your clipboard. 

And it's that simple!

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