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Learn 4 great tips for getting your SEG products looking their best.

Uploaded on 31 October, 2018

Last Modified on 27 December, 2018

SEG fabric shows off your graphics on brilliant stand-alone displays. A silicone strip is sewn onto the border of stretch polyester panels, and fits securely into the channels on the frame, creating a drum-tight fit. Dye-sublimation printing allows for vibrant photographic imagery and the SEG design makes it easy to install new graphics when desired.


“Having trouble getting your SEG graphics looking smooth and professional? We have 4 tips to make installation easy.

Hi, I’m Kelly, one of the marketers at Displays2go. And I’d like to show you some tips for installing your SEG or “silicone edge graphic” panels.

This is a trade show counter with a custom printed SEG front panel and I’ll show you an easy way to put it in.

The first thing to remember when installing your silicone edge panel is to keep the silicone strip toward the inside of the fabric. So fold the fabric over the top and press the silicone edge into the channel so that the fabric completely covers the silicone.

To install your silicone edge graphic, be sure to insert each of the 4 corners first. So pick a corner to start with. And then move to another corner.
Pull the fabric over and push it in the channel. Go down to the next corner, and repeat around.

The reason we do the corners first, is to make sure that you have enough fabric to fit all the way around, and so the fabric doesn’t bunch up.

The next tip is to fold in the centers of each of the 4 sides before smoothing out the entire panel. And again this is to make sure that none of the fabric bunches up in one spot. Insert the center here, the center top, and the center bottom, and the center on the side.

And finally, finish off by smoothing out each side from the center out to the corner. Pick where your center is and push the SEG into the channel until it is nice and smooth. And on the bottom. And there you go. It’s a nice drum tight fit.

You can use these tips when installing any of our SEG graphics whether it’s on a trade show wall, a counter, or a retail standing display and have your SEG graphic panels looking their best.”
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