Let's Talk QueuePole Stanchions

Uploaded on 27 August, 2019

Last Modified on 20 January, 2021

Our wide-range of QueuePole stanchions will officially make your crowd control needs a worry of the past! With a wide variety of price points, belt colors, finishes and customization options, any type of business will find what they need on our site. A high volume of choices is wonderful, but it can be overwhelming to decide which stanchion is right for you. We are here to educate you on the differences between the QueuePole.Value, the QueuePole.Economy and the QueuePole.Deluxe to assist you in purchasing the proper items for your company's crowd control solution.


Mary: Let's talk stanchions!
Sure, you could pick just any of our QueuePole stanchions and you’d end up with a wonderful crowd control system. BUT we’ve tailored three separate lines - Value, Economy, and Deluxe - to suit your specific needs. 
(Show all 3 options lined up next to each other)
At first glance, they all look pretty similar, right?... so what exactly is the difference? 

Let’s start with the QueuePole Value Stanchion! (zoom in on the value) This option is available in black only and is 36-inches tall with a 2-inch wide nylon belt that extends 6.5 feet long. (pull belt)
Made of durable powder coated steel, the pole and base screw together for quick and easy assembly with no tools needed. (show screws on base)
The base has a 12.6-inch diameter that is weighted with a rubber base to keep it secured in place and prevent scratching.
If you’re looking for a quick & low-cost crowd control solution, this stanchion is for you. 
(slide over to the Queue Pole Economy that is next in line)

Next, we have our QueuePole Economy Stanchion. (zoom in on Economy)
A 6.5-foot long belt comes standard. Standing 5 inches taller than our Value stanchion, Queuepole Economy has a 41.5-inch-tall pole and 14-inch base with a rubber bottom to prevent movement. 
(close-up on base)
The stanchion comes in multiple finishes, and much like the Value, this option is also simple to assemble without any tools. (show simple screwing assembly)
This is the only Queuepole option with custom printing available on the 2-inch-wide nylon belt, creating the perfect space for company branding. The belts come in a variety of colors too. Because of the printing and color variations available in this line, we suggest the Que Pole Economy Stanchion for anyone looking for more ways to stay on brand!
(Pull out belt) 

Lastly, we have our QueuePole Deluxe. (move over and zoom in on deluxe)
At 40 inches tall, this option is a bit shorter than our Economy Stanchion (show the 2 next to each other to compare heights), but the belt is 3 feet longer, expanding the configuration possibilities.
QueuePole. Deluxe has a thick 2-inch wide retractable nylon belt with stitching details along the edge, that extends 9.5 feet long, giving you the ability to cover the largest area. (pull belt out to show length, color, material and point to stitching details)
Also, the weighted round base with a rubber bottom gives this stanchion added stability.
Belts are available in black, grey and blue and the poles come in a variety of finishes and shapes. In addition, we also offer velvet ropes, allowing you to switch it up from the standard nylon belt! (close-up of the 2 different shape options) 
Our Deluxe line has the most color, material and finish options out of all our stanchions, making it great for organizations looking for a classier option.

We hope this helps you better understand which of our QueuePole Stanchions will best fit your commercial space and officially make your crowd control needs a worry of the past!
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