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Local Pickup with Displays2go

Uploaded on 15 June, 2016

Did you know that you can pick up orders locally at our Fall River, MA location? Now at our checkout screen under shipping options you'll find the free local pickup selection for in-stock items. Here's the kicker - you don't pay ANY shipping costs!


Tiffany: "Hey did you know that Displays2go’s local pickup just got even easier?  Now at our checkout screen under shipping options you’ll find the free local pickup selection for in-stock items. 
Most orders are ready the same day if placed by 3pm eastern standard time allowing 2 hours for processing.  Our pickup hours are Mon-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.
Arriving at our facility the parking lot is designated as “One Way.” Take your first right following the one way signs around the building to door #15 and park your vehicle directly in front of door #1 just to the left of the entry door. If it’s not available, park your vehicle next to the curb without obstructing the road.  
Ring the bell outside door #15. 
Upon entering the facility, approach the window and a representative will assist you with your pick up.   While waiting for your order, please wait in our sitting area.  Make sure to have your order number and a valid photo ID with you. 
Once you have signed for your package you can retrieve it at door #1 and quickly be on your way.
Upon exiting, please continue to follow the designated “One Way” sign around the back of the parking lot. 
Your order will be held for 5 days if you are not picking up the same day.  If you need additional time, please contact our customer service department and any of our customer service reps will be happy to assist you.
We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!"

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